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The Odyssey ScoopCast occasionally goes behind-the-scenes with those who make Adventures in Odyssey great. Actors, writers, sound designers―no one is off limits!

Katie Leigh
Voice of Connie Kendall

The town of Odyssey wouldn't be the same without perpetual teenager Connie Kendall. Katie Leigh discusses her role on Adventures in Odyssey over the years, Connie's journey to adulthood, and acting in the episode "Life Expectancy." In addition, Katie talks about writing her new book with actor and friend, Will Ryan.
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Phil Lollar
Co-Creator for Adventures in Odyssey

Creator of several audio dramas―including Adventures in Odyssey―Phil Lollar takes us into the craft of storytelling and discusses projects he's been involved with over the years.

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2013: Part 1   Part 2      

Brandon Gilberstadt
Voice of Jared DeWhite

Voice of one of Adventures in Odyssey's most popular characters of all time, actor Brandon Gilberstadt details his time with the Odyssey team and his experience with other acting roles.
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Kimmy Robertson
Voice of Penny Wise

Kimmy Robertson expounds on her involvement with Adventures in Odyssey and other acting opportunities. It's a casual conversation with Connie Kendall's friend and room mate, Penny Wise.
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John Campbell
Composer for Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey wouldn't be the world's #1 audio drama without the dedication of composer John Campbell. John describes the work involved in creating and setting the mood for each scene. Plus, he chronicles the progression of the Odyssey theme.
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Brock Eastman
Product Marketing Manager for Adventures in Odyssey

Energetic marketing manager and author Brock Eastman discusses his involvement in marketing for Adventures in Odyssey, his book series, and gives advice to aspiring writers.
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Whit Hertford
Voice of Jay Smouse

Although he shares his name with Odyssey's central character, actor Whit Hertford voices psychological and loveable bully Jay Smouse for Adventures in Odyssey. Whit shares his involvement with the show and his acting career.
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Christopher Diehl & Nathan Jones
Sound Designers for Adventures in Odyssey

No audio drama series would be complete without the hard work and craft of sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones. Chris and Nathan show listeners the tedious (and rewarding) work that goes into producing each individual scene on Adventures in Odyssey.
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